What Are Dividend Yield Mutual Funds?

A dividend yield mutual fund is the mutual fund which has its most of the investment in all those companies which pay dividend. Or you can also say higher dividend providing stocks.

quarterly earnings

Why Quarterly Earnings Are Important?

It’s a detailed report providing information on its sales, expenses and it’s income and Loss. Along with shareholding details and other important data.

What do you mean by SENSEX and NIFTY?

What is the meaning of SENSEX and NIFTY ?

Every person may it be trader or an investor is always interested to know the meaning of Sensex and Nifty. Knowing the key difference and their segregation helps one to take a bigger step in stock market for trading and investing.

Intraday stock trading

Intraday Stock Trading

Intraday stock trading for beginners is a article focusing on providing a quality of basic knowledge for every beginner and medium level investor/trader. We have learnt about basic terminologies and different types of orders of stock trading in our previous articles. If you haven’t gone throw them then I request you to please have look on articles present at below link.

Discount broker vs Full service broker

Discount broker vs Full Service Broker

What is difference between Full service broker and discount broker? And why we need to understand this before opening Demat account. If your purpose is different and choose wrong broker then you will end up loosing your money. So know the difference and trade/invest wisely.